Your TV provider subscription must include the channel to be able to sign in.

Complete these steps if you see an error message that asks you to contact your provider to add the channel to your TV subscription package, but you can already watch the channel on TV. You can also follow these steps if you're automatically logged in to an old account when you try to sign in.

1. Clear the browser cache
2. Restart the computer or device
3. If possible, tether the computer to a cellular hotspot, or turn Wi-Fi off on a cellular-enabled device/phone. Then sign in to your TV provider (only use cellular data while signing in).
Once the website is signed in, you may return the computer or device to a Wi-Fi network connection.

If you still experience the error, please contact us and include a brief description of the issue, including relevant details (computer/device type, TV provider, whether you were signing in while on cellular data, etc.).

Click the Contact Us button if shown on this page, or email to report the no authorization error.