If the episode stops playing and shows an error message, or if the ads appear to be stuck and do not play the episode, try these steps:

1. Update the device's operating system, verify that there is at least 2 GB free storage space available, and check or restart your network connection.
2. If you were signed in with a TV provider, sign in again while on cellular data, not Wi-Fi. You may return the device or computer to Wi-Fi once correctly signed in. 
3. Try to play the same episode that previously would not play.

If the problem still occurs after trying these troubleshooting steps, please contact us. Include a brief description of the issue, relevant details (show/episode name, device type or model, operating system and version number, TV provider, etc.), and text or screenshot showing the error message. Click the Contact Us button if shown on this page, message us in the mobile app under "FAQ/Help" > "Contact Us", or email us at help@cc.com to report the error.

For problems viewing an episode on your TV or On-Demand, please contact your TV provider directly for further assistance.