BET+ includes the option to create profiles, which allows you to personalize your BET+ experience. BET+ profiles will provide content recommendations and store your watch progress so you can return to specific content later.

How do I navigate between profiles?
New users will automatically be prompted to create a profile during sign-up. You can add up to five profiles to your account. If you want to switch profiles, you can tap on the profile name shown at the top of the screen in the app and select the name. You can also visit the Profile section on the Account page of the BET+ app. Please note,  each time you log on to the BET+ account, you will be asked to select a profile each time you launch the app.

How do I edit my profiles?
If you need to create, edit or delete a profile, you can go to the settings section of the BET+ web or mobile app and use the Edit option within profiles to make changes or delete the profile completely. The option to add profiles is also on this page. You will only be able to make changes to your profile  through the BET+ mobile app or the website.