If you are looking to license content from one of the brands: MTV, BET, VH1, Comedy Central, or Paramount Network, please reach out directly to cliplicensing@viacom.com. Be sure to include relevant information like your name, company, contact phone & email, program clip title, and description/timing. Also, have the details of the project you are licensing for Deadline, Start Date, Term, Territory.
If Paramount owns the rights to all the content in a program or property, we will be able to license clips to you with no further clearance being necessary. There may be additional third-party clearances for specific programs and scenes you will need to pay for or obtain, such as union or guild residual fees and separate license agreements for music used as background music or in performances.
The specific property determines licensing fees for all requests, the license rights being requested, and the timing of the clip you wish to use. An analyst will review your request and may provide an estimate based upon these terms. An official fee will be finalized and adjusted once approval has been granted and your license is ready to be generated.
Requests for personal copies cannot be accommodated and are not available for purchase through the licensing process. If a Paramount program can be obtained for home entertainment purposes, a distributor or store will be made available. Instructions for purchase and ordering would be communicated through commercials or during the program.