You may need to undo and reset the TV provider login. These steps should also work if you cannot see a way to Unlock All Content or Sign Out.

1. Go to the device's Settings and make sure the operating system for your device is updated to the latest version available. Please check the manufacturer's website for instructions and info on the latest OS update for your device, or check our System Update FAQs.

Delete the app, restart your device, and reinstall the app.

2. Open the app to sign in to your TV provider, but turn Wi-Fi off (only use cellular data while signing in).

If you are trying to activate an over-the-top device (Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku), visit from a smartphone with Wi-Fi off (only use cellular data while signing in).

3. If your device type has a Setting for TV Provider SSO (single sign on), find it in the device's Settings menu and choose to Sign Out.

If you see the prompt asking you whether you wish to allow the app to use your TV provider subscription, choose "Don't Allow" to avoid reactivating this feature.

Not all devices have this feature; in some cases, a complete reset of the device would be needed to reset TV Provider SSO.

4. You should now be able to sign in.

Once the app is signed in, you may return the device to a Wi-Fi network connection.

Please note, your TV provider subscription must include the channel to be able to sign in.