The TV provider account must have this channel in its subscription package to unlock all content, including Live TV.

You will not be able to sign in if you cannot find your provider in the list, do not have the channel subscription in your account, or have an internet-only or cellular-only account.

If your cable or telephone provider does not carry the channel, please let them know your interest by calling, emailing, or writing them. We're always working on getting more providers to participate.

In the meantime, you can still watch a variety of unlocked episodes and video clips without signing in.

If you are having trouble signing in with a participating TV provider, please contact us and include a brief description of the issue, including relevant details (device type or model, operating system and version, TV provider, whether you were signing in while on cellular, etc.). 

If the issue still occurs, click the Contact Us button on  "FAQ/Help" > "Contact Us", or email us at to report the error.