We have been unable to reproduce the error on the app's current version.

Typically, performing a factory reset can resolve the issue. Below are the instructions to carry out this process on Roku:

  1. From the Home menu, select Settings > System > Advanced System Settings > Factory Reset, and confirm your intention to reset the device. A factory reset will restore your device to its original state.
  2. Power off your home networking router for 1 minute. If there is no power button, unplug the unit for 1 minute to reset it.
  3. When the router is back on, turn on the device and re-register it to your Roku account.
  4. Reinstall the apps and log in to your account on the TV provider.
  5. Try using Live TV again.

If that does not help, we suggest watching Live TV in this app on another platform (or on your TV provider's set-top box, app or website).