If you're experiencing crashes, freezes, or longer-than-normal load times on the iOS or Android app, here are some steps to try!
  1. In the BET NOW App Settings menu ; TV provider account; tap Sign Out if shown.
  2. Delete the BET NOW App.
  3. Power off the device for 1 minute. If you have access to your internet connection source, disconnect the source from power for 1 minute.
  4. When the devices are back on, reinstall the app and sign in to your TV provider account again, if you have one.
If the problem persists, here are a few more things you can check:
  1. Free up at least 2 GB of space and restart the device.Update the device software.
  2. Check that the internet connection speed is fast. Low connection speeds sometimes prevent - videos from streaming. Forget the current Wi-Fi network, wait 1 minute, then log in to the network again.
  3. Try connecting to a strong Wi-Fi source instead of a cellular network.