If you see an error that your TV provider account is not authorized to log in to the channel, even though it is in your cable TV package, sign in while your device is connected to cellular data.

  • If using the app on your phone, turn off Wi-Fi and log in to the app while on cellular data.
  • If you are signing in on Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, or Roku, visit the activation website using a smartphone with Wi-Fi off.
  • For computers or mobile tablet devices that cannot connect directly to a cellular data network, either tether the device to a mobile hotspot, or use the TV provider's website to reset your password. Delete the app, restart the device, reinstall the app, and try signing in again with the new password. For a web browser, clear the browser cache and restart the computer before trying to sign in again.

Once the device is logged in, you may return your smartphone to Wi-Fi.

If you are still experiencing issues after trying these troubleshooting steps, contact your TV provider and ask them to check whether your account is still entitled to access this channel. They may need to update or refresh your package or channel entitlement to get the login working again.