These steps will also fix the no authorization error, asking you to contact your provider to add the channel to your TV subscription package, even though you can watch the channel on TV.
1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device, scroll down to "TV Provider" (shown after "Game Center"), scroll to the end, and tap Sign Out.

If you have an Apple TV, "Sign Out" can be found under "Settings"> "Users and Accounts"> "TV Provider."

If the TV provider is not signed in, skip to the next step.

Delete the app, restart your device, and reinstall the app. Open the app to sign in to your TV provider, but turn Wi-Fi off (only use cellular data while signing in).

If you are trying to activate an over-the-top device like Apple TV, visit from a smartphone with Wi-Fi off (only use cellular data while signing in).

2. When you see the prompt asking you whether you wish to allow the app to use your TV provider subscription, choose "Don't Allow" to avoid reactivating TV Provider SSO (single sign on).

3. You should now be able to sign in.

Once the app is signed in, you may return the device to a Wi-Fi network connection.

Please note, your TV provider subscription must include the channel to be able to sign in.

If you still experience the error, please contact us and include a brief description of the issue, including relevant details (device type or model, TV provider, whether you were signing in while on cellular, etc.). Click the Contact Us button if shown on this page, message us in the mobile app under "More" > "Help"> "Contact Support", or email us at to report the sign in error.