Update the device's operating system and verify that there is at least 2 GB free storage space available. Delete the app, restart the device, and reinstall the app. If you are watching on the website, clear the cache, and restart the web browser.

You will need to sign in to a participating TV provider account to unlock Live TV.

Under "See What's On Now," tap "Watch Live." On the website, choose "Watch Live TV' on the menu.

If you are seeing unexpected content (not matching the schedule), the error is caused by a discrepancy in the time setting of the network to which your device is connected. The app can only show the feed based on the time zone information your network connection provides.

If you are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), please disable it to see if that helps. If you are on a cellphone, you can use mobile data (or switch to Wi-Fi if you are currently using mobile).

If these troubleshooting steps do not fix the error, please reach out to your internet service provider to troubleshoot the network connection, or plan to watch Live TV based on the time offset you are experiencing.

Please note, at this time, Live TV streaming via Chromecast is not available. The HDMI connection is also not available for any content.

For Live TV problems viewing on your TV, please contact your TV provider directly for further assistance.