The app or website should only stop recognizing an authorized login if a user selects the "Sign Out" button, uses the "Clear Cache," "Clear Data," or "Uninstall" functions on the app settings menu on a device, or clears the web browser cache (website only).

If the app or website is forgetting an authorized login without the user making any of the above selections, here are a few steps to try:

1. Visit your TV provider's website and update the login password. This will force all apps to re-check authorization.

2. Completely reset the app (delete, restart the device, restart the router, reinstall the app) or if on the website, clear the browser cache and restart your computer.

3. Try to log in again while the mobile device is on cellular data only (turn Wi-Fi off). If activating an OTT device*, visit the activation link from a smartphone on cellular data (turn Wi-Fi off); the OTT device itself does not have to be on cellular. If the mobile device cannot connect to cellular data directly, try tethering it to a cellular hotspot. If a cellular hotspot is unavailable, restart your home networking router (power it off for 1 minute).

4. Try logging in again.

If the app continues to sign out without the log-out options being exercised, please get in touch with your TV provider to check if there is an error on their end. As we do not have access to your TV provider account or app/website instance, we cannot cause the repeated log-out error.

*OTT Devices: Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, XBox