Thank you for choosing Noggin — the only subscription service where learning is led by the trusted Nick Jr. characters your kids know and love! Subscribing to Noggin is easy. Just visit , select Start Your Free Trial and follow the easy instructions provided. If you have already started a free trial and did not originally sign up through, follow the steps below.

NOTE: If you already have a Noggin subscription and account, you can sign into Noggin on any supported device. You do not need to purchase another subscription. If the subscription is through a Noggin channel (Amazon Prime or Apple TV Channel), please see further instructions below.

1. Select Get Started
2. Create an Account. This will give you access to your Noggin subscription on multiple devices. Enter your name, email address, and create a password. Tap the Agree and Continue button to create your account and complete your purchase. Be sure to verify your Noggin account through the link sent to your email address.
3. Tap the Start For Free button (if you’re not eligible for a trial the button will say Subscribe)
4. Enter the year you were born to continue

After your free week, you'll automatically be enrolled in Noggin.

If you already have a subscription through a premium channel (Amazon Prime or Apple TV channel), you will need to use the Verify Subscription option shown just below Start For Free to link your Noggin channel subscription to the new Noggin account. Select the correct channel and follow the steps to verify the subscription. Once successful, you will be able to access any the Noggin app on any supported device, by using with your Noggin account.