You must manage the subscription through the app store or website where the subscription was purchased.

To avoid auto-renewing charges, if you need to cancel you must do so at least 24 hours before the end of the trial or billing period.

Log in to and click “Settings” then select "Manage" under Subscription to view options.
If another app store or website’s name is shown, you must manage the subscription through that store or website (shown below).

Amazon: Log in to and visit to view options.
On a Kindle Fire tablet Home screen, tap “Apps” > tap “Library” > tap “Subscriptions” > tap the subscription > tap “Manage” > tap the Auto-Renewal box to uncheck it, then tap “Save”.
If you subscribed on Fire TV, you must use the website link above or the Amazon mobile app to manage the subscription.

Apple: Visit and follow the steps shown for the device where you first subscribed to Noggin. On an iOS device, open the Settings app > tap the name > tap “Subscriptions” > tap the subscription> tap “Cancel subscription” > tap “Confirm”.
On a subscribed Apple TV, go to Settings > choose Accounts > choose Manage Subscriptions > choose Noggin. Select Cancel Subscription and confirm the cancellation.

Google Play: Log in to and visit to view options. On an Android device, open the Play Store app > tap the Menu icon > tap “Subscriptions” > tap the subscription > tap “Manage” > tap “Cancel” > tap “Confirm”.

Roku: Log in to and visit to view options. If you have the Noggin app or Noggin by The Roku Channel installed, use the Roku remote to hover over the icon and press * to view Options. Pressing OK after each selection, select “Manage subscription” > “Cancel subscription” > “Confirm”.

If you complete the cancellation steps, the subscription will remain active until the expiration date shown.

If you are having trouble locating the app store account you used to subscribe, check your email for receipts that may help you find the right account. You may have subscribed with a child account or from another parent email.

If you need more help locating the billing account, please contact us and let us know what device was first used to subscribe to Noggin, and any other email addresses that might have been used to create an account.