Interactive videos are videos that are similar to games. Kids become a part of the stories they’re watching by touching, tapping, and interacting with their favorite characters from Team Umizoomi, Wallykazam!, Bubble Guppies, Blaze and the Monster Machines, and more. You can find these interactive videos in the Watch and Play sections of the mobile app.

Interactive content is shown through labels in the section as well as the appearance of the Download icon (blue arrow) at the top left of the content's thumbnail. Tap on the arrow and the content will begin to download to your device. Once the content is downloaded, it will appear in full color (will be greyed out while downloading) with a green check mark.

To see what content is already downloaded to the device or to manage the amount of device storage the Noggin interactive content uses, please visit the Grownup section of the Noggin mobile app. Under the Downloads tab, you can move the slider to adjust the storage space available as well as manage what content is on your device by deleting specific content or all of your downloads. Additionally, downloaded content will also be disappear if you delete and reinstall the app on you device.

*Please note this content is not available through smart TVs (Apple TV, Roku, Android and Fire/Firestick TVs).