Interactive Videos are your child’s favorite shows made interactive. Now they’re not just watching episodes, they’re playing them — which takes learning to a whole new level! With our Interactive Videos kids can become a part of the stories they’re watching by touching, tapping, and interacting with their favorite characters.

When kids tap any video that displays a little pink hand icon in the corner of the screen, that content is a Interactive Video, meaning kids will be able to interact with characters and participate in the story.

PLUS Interactive Videos are downloadable, so kids can keep watching and playing even while offline if the videos have been downloaded previously. Interactive Videos are available on iOS, Android devices (mobile and tablets) and Amazon Kindles.

While downloading a Interactive Video, the progress is shown on the thumbnail. Once the download is complete, the thumbnail will no longer have a blue arrow download icon.

You will be able to find your downloaded Interactive Videos either in the Play section or the individual show section found in Watch.