Interactive Videos (available for iOS, Android and Kindle devices), can be downloaded and accessed offline. In order to stream all other videos in the app, Wi-Fi or a 3G/4G connection is required. If you're looking for more downloadable activities that kids can access offline, you can also download Noggin's eBooks! Just look for the download icon (down arrow) to easily identify downloadable content.

To access the downloadable content, it must be downloaded while the app is connected through WiFi or a data connection. Once the content is successfully downloaded, the down arrow will disappear and the content can be played

You can access the interactive content either through the Watch, Play, or Read sections when the app is connected to the Internet. If the device has no WiFi or data connection enabled, you will see your downloaded content in the menu that appears after the offline notification.

Tap on Downloads and you will see your available downloaded content.
To manage your downloads or how much storage is available for the downloads, please visit the Download section of the Grownups section of the app.