To access our curated playlist of Spanish-language episodes in Noggin, just launch the app and look for the thumbnail in the carousel of characters labeled ¡hola!

There you’ll find full-length episodes from PAW Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Blue’s Clues, Wonder Pets, and more.

Additional Noggin shows and videos are also available in Spanish across all platforms!
Follow these steps to access this content:

  • Open the video you want to watch.
  • Find the Audio and Subtitles menu. On your device, it might look like the icon circled below
  • Select Spanish.          
The video will begin playing in Spanish with your choice of subtitles!

NOTE: The above steps and screenshots are for our mobile app. Instructions and screens may differ slightly on your TV or other devices. The Spanish episodes are currently available on iOS, Apple TV, Android, Kindle, Roku and the Noggin Prime Video Channel as well as the Noggin Premium channels on Apple TV+ and Roku Channel. They are currently not available on Fire and Android TV.