This issue can typically be resolved by restoring the subscription linked to your Noggin account. To do so, simply follow the steps below:

1. Launch the Noggin app on the device which you used to subscribe to Noggin. This device should be signed in to the app store account being billed for the Noggin subscription
2. Go to Grownups or Settings > Account > then sign out of the Noggin account
3. Once you’ve signed out, sign back in
4. If Not Subscribed is displayed under Subscription, tap on Subscribe
5. A screen detailing Noggin’s features should appear, locate the Restore Purchase option at the bottom of that screen, select it, and complete the process through the app store.

Once you’ve completed the above steps your Noggin account will be linked to your subscription and you can sign in and view Noggin on any device(s). If you visit the Account section of the app and "Not Verified" is displayed, select the option to resend the instructions, check your email, and verify the account. You must verify the account before using it on another device.