Here's how you sign into the Noggin app using your Noggin Apple TV channel subscription. Be sure that you have the latest version of the app installed on your device.

If you don’t have a Noggin account:

1. On the Sign-in screen, select Connect Apple TV subscription under Already subscribed to the Noggin Amazon Prime Channel or Apple TV Channel?

2. Select Connect My Subscription on the next screen.

3. Create a Noggin account or select Sign In under Already have a Noggin account?

4. Please enter any information requested and verify your subscription.

5. After verifying the subscription, your Noggin account will now be linked.

6. You can sign into any Noggin app using your Noggin account

If you see Monthly shown under Subscription, the app recognizes a Noggin subscription through that app store. You may need to either cancel that subscription and wait until the expiration date before you can link your Noggin account with your channel subscription. You can also create a different Noggin account with a new email address to link the channel subscription.

If you are using a mobile device that has website restrictions enabled, please be sure you have added the Amazon and Apple website to the approved list as well as allowed the device to access a web browser. This feature is only available to subscribers of the Noggin Channel on Apple TV or Amazon Prime Video Channel. It does not include the Roku Premium Noggin Channel.

If you have a Noggin app subscription, you do not have access to the Noggin Channel on Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV Channel.