When your child visits Noggin for the first time in the day, they will now see their Special Delivery. Special Delivery is a Noggin app feature that provides an exciting personalized learning journey for each child. Every day when your child visits their profile in the app, they will receive a Special Delivery box packed with learning games, videos, and/or activities delivered by a special guide – a favorite Nick Jr. character. Each Special Delivery includes one to three pieces of content, including learning games, videos, and/or interactive activities focused on one of our five learning areas: Early Math, Early Reading, Social & Emotional, Arts & Sciences, and Healthy Habits. 

Special Delivery amplifies your child’s personalized learning journey! It provides a guided experience for kids and their caregivers by focusing on certain skills or subjects based on their developmental journey. We ensure kids receive their Special Delivery boxes in a certain order – so that they are learning skills in a specific way planned out by our educational and child development experts. After all, early learners discover letter sounds before they sound out words – and they recognize numbers before mastering early addition and subtraction! Plus, the content we pick for each Special Delivery box are favorites from our families.

To return to the Home screen, just tap the “Explore” button on the upper left corner of the screen or the up arrow in the bottom right corner of the screen to find all of the great Noggin content within the app.