The first time your child visits their profile each day in Noggin, a favorite Nick Jr. character guide will greet them and deliver a fun, exciting Special Delivery in landscape view on your device. The boxes will contain 1-3 pieces of content personalized to your child’s learning experience. The Special Delivery boxes will be available for a day. A new Special Delivery will be delivered every day your child visits Noggin.

Your child’s progress will be shown either with a progress bar or Gold Badge on each piece of content available in the Special Delivery boxes. They will receive their next Special Delivery when they visit the app again on either the next day or a week later whether they have completed the current Delivery or not.

If the content is not finished by the end of the day, there is no need to worry. The Special Delivery content is still available through the Home screen of the app by selecting “Explore”. You can also check the “Continue Learning” row on the profile screen that contains recently watched and played videos and games.