1. Make sure your iOS or Android device has about 3 GB of free space and the most up-to-date software available.
  2. In the Nick App for iOS or Android, tap the settings gear wheel at the top right corner, then tap Sign Out
  3. Delete the Nick App and turn off your device for 1 minute. When the device is back on, reinstall the Nick App.
  4. Open the Nick App again, tap the settings gear wheel at the top right corner. Tap "Sign In with Credentials", then tap Start Now. Quickly tap the back arrow < that appears in the top left corner (you may have to do this several times). You should end up back in the main menu. Try to sign in again, and the provider logo selection page should load. If you need more help signing in, please contact us with your provider name and a brief description of the issue after trying these steps at least once.