1. Make sure your iOS or Android device has about 3 GB of free space and the most up-to-date software available. tap the settings gear wheel at the top right
  2. Delete the Nick App and turn off your device for 1 minute. When the device is back on, reinstall the Nick App.
  3. Go to your TV provider’s website and use the Forgot Password link to change the password.
  4. Connect to cellular data (or tether the device to a smartphone which is acting as a personal hotspot) before trying to sign in again. You can switch back to your home Wi-Fi connection once you are correctly signed in.
If that still doesn't work, please contact your TV provider directly and ask them if they can sync, refresh, or update your account. Unfortunately, they do not share any account information with us, which means we're unable to check why the login isn’t working as expected.

If you need more help signing in, please contact us with your provider name and a brief description of the issue after trying these steps at least once.