Make sure you have enough storage available on your device to download the game by checking your device’s settings. You can check the size of the download on the app info page. If you have less storage than the amount required to download and install the game, you may need to delete some apps to make room on your device. An OS may need more free space to install your game depending on your systems and your device’s other apps; please make sure your device has about 3 GB of free space available to properly install the game. 
If you have an SD card, you can move your game to the card if there is more storage available on it. 
Also, make sure you are connected to the Internet. Slow connection speeds will usually cause your download to stall or fail. If you cannot troubleshoot or improve your current connection, try downloading the game when you have a faster connection available.
If this problem persists, please CONTACT US. Make sure to include the name of your game, device type, store type (Apple, Amazon, Google Play), and a description of the problem.