There are various power-ups in the game that you can use to your advantage.
Common in all locations
  • Krabby Patty – Tap it or connect it to other bubbles to get Krabby patties
  • Multiplier – Multiply score (X2, X4, X6 available)
Bikini Bottom
  • Time shifter – Tap it to add 5 seconds to the session
  • Mega magnet – Tap it to randomly group same bubbles to make matching easier
  • Bomb – Tap it to clear surrounding bubbles and get scores for them
Jellyfish Fields
  • Turbo blaster – Connect it to any adjacent bubble, and all like bubbles are popped
  • Lazy matcher – Tap it to start connecting all the same bubbles regardless of their location
  • Volcano sauce – Tap it to clear bubbles that touch the sauce that spilled for 5 seconds
In App Purchase Boosts
  • Extra time – Add 20 seconds to the Timer
  • Score bonus – Gain additional 10% score
  • More Power-ups – Double the chance of getting power-ups during the session