You can create your own playlist by tapping Patrick in the Krusty Krab main menu to enter the Playlist menu.
    • Once you are in the Playlist menu:
      • Tap one of the uncreated playlist icons.
      • Slide a game from your list of games that you have collected so far from the scrollable list of games on top of the screen, and drag it into any empty playlist slot below.
        • Note: You can slide the card wheel to find a collected game you would like to include.
      • You need to fill in at least 6 slots to be able to save the playlist.
      • You can choose the same game multiple times but you can only have 2 “do nothing” games at a time to be able to save the playlist.
      • If you want to change a game, you can either drag a new game over an existing game in your playlist, or take it out.
      • If you want to move the order of the playlist around you can drag a game from its current location in a playlist to another playlist location.
    • After saving a playlist, if you edit an existing playlist the highscore from that playlist will start over since it will be a new playlist.