Yes, you can upgrade the Armor, Canon Range, Canon Speed, and Turtle Timin’ for your Shellraiser. Each upgradable item has 5 tiers/levels of upgradability.
  • Armor – As this is upgraded the Shellraiser will take less damage from obstacles
  • Range – As this is upgraded the distance that the Garbage Canon can fire will be increased to you can hit enemies that are further away. For instance, once fully upgraded you will be able to shoot Baxter even when he is far away.
  • Cannon Speed – As this is upgraded you will be able to shoot the Garbage Canon more frequently. Increasing the fire rate will allow you to more easily destroy enemies and obstacles which require multiple hits such as the larger Foot Soldiers and Kraang Droids or parked cars.
  • Turtle Timin’ – This upgrade will extend the length of the turtle time bonus sections on the streets. It will give you more time to collect coins.