First, you’ll need to tell your host how many people are
playing. You can play alone or compete with friends and family: up to 4 people
can play. If there are 2 or more of you, your host will ask you to figure out
who’s player 1, who’s player 2, and so on.
Each round, you’ll be asked up to 3 questions each,
depending on the number of players. 1 player will get 3 questions; 2 players
will get 2 questions each; 3 and 4 players will get 1 question each. These
questions can be true or false, multiple choice, or open-ended, so pay
attention! If you need to hear something again, say “Alexa, repeat.”
At the end of every round, the
host announces the score and the winner of the round. You can keep playing and add
up your score for a full game of 3 rounds. If
two or more players are tied at the end of the game, you’ll enter a tiebreaker
round for the win! Just listen carefully, and your host will guide you
the entire way.